Unity 5.x Cookbook

This book is for anyone who wants to explore a wide range of Unity scripting and multimedia features and find ready-to-use solutions for many game features. Programmers can explore multimedia features, and multimedia developers can try their hand at scripting. From intermediate to advanced users, from artists to coders, this book is for you and everyone on your team!Intended for everyone who has the basics of using Unity, and a little programming knowledge in C#


Game development is a broad and complex task. It is an
interdisciplinary field, covering subjects as diverse as artificial
intelligence, character animation, digital painting, and sound editing.
All these areas of knowledge can materialize as the production of
hundreds (or thousands!) of multimedia and data assets. A special
software application—the game engine—is required to consolidate all
of these assets into a single product.

Game engines are specialized pieces of software, which used to
belong to an esoteric domain. They were expensive, inflexible, and
extremely complicated to use. They were for big studios or hardcore
programmers only. Then along came Unity.

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