Angular Projects

Key Features

  • Explore Angular’s capabilities for building applications across different platforms
  • Combine popular web technologies with Angular such as monorepo, Jamstack, and PWA
  • Build your own libraries and schematics using Angular CDK and Angular CLI

Book Description

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that can run on a broad range of platforms including web, desktop, and mobile. It has an array of rich features right out of the box and a wide range of tools that makes it popular among developers. This updated second edition of Angular Projects will teach you how to build efficient and optimized web applications using Angular.

You will start by exploring the essential features of the framework by creating ten different real-world web applications. Each application will demonstrate how to integrate Angular with a different library and tool. As you advance, you will understand how to implement popular technologies such as Angular Router, Scully, Electron, Angular service worker, Nx monorepo tools, NgRx, and more while building an issue tracking system, a PWA weather application, a mobile photo geotagging application, a component UI library, and many other exciting projects. Toward the concluding chapters, you’ll get to grips with customizing Angular CLI commands using schematics.

By the end of this book, you will have the skills you need to be able to build Angular apps using a variety of different technologies according to your or your client’s needs.

What you will learn

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