Artificial Neural Networks with Java


Develop neural network applications using the Java environment. After learning the rules involved in neural network processing, this second edition shows you how to manually process your first neural network example. The book covers the internals of front and back propagation and helps you understand the main principles of neural network processing. You also will learn  how to prepare the data to be used in neural network development and you will be able to suggest various techniques of data preparation for many unconventional tasks.

This book discusses the practical aspects of using Java for neural network processing. You will know how to use the Encog Java framework for processing large-scale neural network applications. Also covered is the use of neural networks for approximation of non-continuous functions. In addition to using neural networks for regression, this second edition shows you how to use neural networks for computer vision. It focuses on image recognition such as the classification of handwritten digits, input data preparation and conversion, and building the conversion program. And you will learn about topics related to the classification of handwritten digits such as network architecture, program code, programming logic, and execution. 

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