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Computer Vision and Machine Learning in Agriculture

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About the book: This book discusses computer vision, a noncontact as well as a nondestructive technique involving the development of theoretical and algorithmic tools for automatic visual understanding and recognition which finds huge applications in agricultural productions. It also entails how rendering of machine learning techniques to computer vision algorithms is boosting this sector with […]

TensorFlow 2.0 Computer Vision Cookbook

Key Features Develop, train, and use deep learning algorithms for computer vision tasks using TensorFlow 2.x Discover practical recipes to overcome various challenges faced while building computer vision models Enable machines to gain a human level understanding to recognize and analyze digital images and videos About this book (TensorFlow): Computer vision is a scientific field […]

The Computer Vision Workshop

Book Description: Computer Vision (CV) has become an important aspect of AI technology. From driverless cars to medical diagnostics and monitoring the health of crops to fraud detection in banking, computer vision is used across all domains to automate tasks. The Computer Vision Workshop will help you understand how computers master the art of processing […]