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Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery

Description: I’m still new enough to Blender that the introductory concepts are useful to me. However, the way that these concepts are communicated is poor enough that I often find myself distracted and frustrated by trying to figure out what the author is talking about. Sometimes its a case of the examples not matching up […]

Blender 3D Cookbook

About this book: Establish the basic shape of a character with the help of templates, and complete it by using different Blender toolsGain an understanding of how to create and assign materials automatically, working in both the Blender Internal engine as well as in CyclesFamiliarize yourself with the processes involved in rigging, skinning, and finally […]

Designing Machine Learning Systems

Description: Many tutorials show you how to develop ML systems from ideation to deployed models. But with constant changes in tooling, those systems can quickly become outdated. Without an intentional design to hold the components together, these systems will become a technical liability, prone to errors and be quick to fall apart. In this book, […]

Introduction to Blender 3.0

Master the basics of 3D modeling for art, architecture, and design by exploring Blender 3.0. This book explains modeling, materials, lighting, painting, and more with Blender and other external tools. You will configure a 3D architectural environment and set up the workflow of an art and design project within Blender. You will use Blender’s main […]

Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming

Key Features Explore the latest Unity features to make AI implementation in your game easier Build richer and more dynamic games using AI concepts such as behavior trees and navigation meshes Implement character behaviors and simulations using the Unity Machine Learning toolkit Book Description: Developing artificial intelligence (AI) for game characters in Unity has never […]

Training Data for Machine Learning

Your training data has as much to do with the success of your data project as the algorithms themselves–most failures in deep learning systems relate to training data. But while training data is the foundation for successful machine learning, there are few comprehensive resources to help you ace the process. This hands-on guide explains how […]

Sculpting the Blender Way

Key Features Use Blender’s core sculpting workflows: basic sculpting, Dynotopo, Voxel Remesher, QuadriFlow, and Multiresolution Learn how to use and customize Blender’s sculpting brushes to create fantastic art effortlessly Explore common techniques in Blender 3.0 for creating facial features, clothing, accessories, and more Book Description: Blender 3D is a free and open source program that […]

Blender 3D Incredible Machines

Key Features: Develop realistic and awesome machines for your 3D projects and animation films Gain the ability to look at a piece of machinery in real life and then recreate it in Blender Develop a comprehensive skill set covering key aspects of mechanical modeling Book Description: Blender 3D is one of the top pieces of […]


Key Features Learn applied machine learning with a solid foundation in theory Clear, intuitive explanations take you deep into the theory and practice of Python machine learning Fully updated and expanded to cover PyTorch, transformers, XGBoost, graph neural networks, and best practices Book Description: Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn is a comprehensive guide to […]

Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2

Book Description: Understand how neural networks work and learn how to implement them using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras. This new edition focuses on the fundamental concepts and at the same time on practical aspects of implementing neural networks and deep learning for your research projects. This book is designed so that you can focus on […]