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Practical Machine Learning for Computer Vision

Description: This practical book shows you how to employ machine learning models to extract information from images. ML engineers and data scientists will learn how to solve a variety of image problems including classification, object detection, autoencoders, image generation, counting, and captioning with proven ML techniques. This book provides a great introduction to end-to-end deep […]

The Computer Vision Workshop

Book Description: Computer Vision (CV) has become an important aspect of AI technology. From driverless cars to medical diagnostics and monitoring the health of crops to fraud detection in banking, computer vision is used across all domains to automate tasks. The Computer Vision Workshop will help you understand how computers master the art of processing […]

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python

Deep learning for computer vision with python Free Download. This book has one goal — to help developers, researchers, and students just like yourself become experts in deep_learning for image recognition and classification. What is this book? And what does it cover? Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python will make you an expert in deep learning […]