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Key Features Learn applied machine learning with a solid foundation in theory Clear, intuitive explanations take you deep into the theory and practice of Python machine learning Fully updated and expanded to cover PyTorch, transformers, XGBoost, graph neural networks, and best practices Book Description: Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn is a comprehensive guide to […]

Python Ethical Hacking from Scratch

Key Features Get hands-on with ethical hacking and learn to think like a real-life hacker Build practical ethical hacking tools from scratch with the help of real-world examples Leverage Python 3 to develop malware and modify its complexities Book Description Penetration testing enables you to evaluate the security or strength of a computer system, network, […]

TensorFlow 2.0 Computer Vision Cookbook

Key Features Develop, train, and use deep learning algorithms for computer vision tasks using TensorFlow 2.x Discover practical recipes to overcome various challenges faced while building computer vision models Enable machines to gain a human level understanding to recognize and analyze digital images and videos About this book (TensorFlow): Computer vision is a scientific field […]

Machine Learning With Python For Everyone

Description of the books: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Building Machine Learning Systems with Python Machine Learning with Python for Everyone will help you master the processes, patterns, and strategies you need to build effective learning systems, even if you’re an absolute beginner. If you can write some Python code, this book is for […]

Python Machine Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide to Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow

Description: If you need to learn how to use the Python Programming Language to implement your own Machine Learning solution, and you are searching for a reference to start from, then keep reading. Machine learning represents now the most interesting, performing and growing technology among all technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and represents also an incredible opportunity if you […]

Cracking Codes with Python An Introduction to Building

Description: Learn how to program in Python while making and breaking ciphers—algorithms used to create and send secret messages! After a crash course in Python programming basics, you’ll learn to make, test, and hack programs that encrypt text with classical ciphers like the transposition cipher and Vigenere cipher. You’ll begin with simple programs for the […]

Natural Language Processing with Python

Description: This book offers a highly accessible introduction to natural language processing, the field that supports a variety of language technologies, from predictive text and email filtering to automatic summarization and translation. With it, you’ll learn how to write Python programs that work with large collections of unstructured text. You’ll access richly annotated datasets using […]

Black Hat Python Programming for Hackers

Description: Fully-updated for Python 3, the second edition of this worldwide bestseller (over 100,000 copies sold) explores the stealthier side of programming and brings you all new strategies for your hacking projects. When it comes to creating powerful and effective hacking tools, Python is the language of choice for most security analysts. In this second edition […]

Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based

Description: Second edition of the best selling Python book in the world. A fast-paced, no-nonsense guide to programming in Python. This book teaches beginners the basics of programming in Python with a focus on real projects.This is the second edition of the best selling Python book in the world. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition is […]

Machine Learning for Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is quickly evolving with the help of artificial intelligence. With this practical book, developers, programmers, engineers, financial analysts, and risk analysts will explore Python-based machine learning and deep learning models for assessing financial risk. You’ll learn how to compare results from ML models with results obtained by traditional financial risk models. Author […]